Dear Friends from Mount Pleasant and Klinesgrove UMC-and the visitors I met,

I've spent a great part of the last couple of days writing all my PA friends who made my time there so pleasant and wonderful-thanking them for doing so.  So, I figured that since so many of you either live in the Sunbury area and attend those churches at which I play or were visiting the area during my all too brief stay, I just wanted to thank you all for making that brief moment such a wonderful time.

Eric and Jamie, thanks for helping with laundry and for those wonderful meals.  Jim, thanks to you and Eric for picking me up in HBurg.  And thanks for housing me.

Jim, thanks for making sure all went well-especially with getting me to and from.

Brian and Jerri (did I get that right), thanks for your assistance during the two services and for allowing me the joy of sharing at your parish.  It was the first time since 2008 that I've been there.  And thanks also for helping with my cd's, too.

Heather and family, thanks for lunch and for getting me to Lewisburg to meet my next ride.

I know a number of you would like my ENewsletter, and when I put it out, I'll gladly send it your way.  If you do not wish to receive it, please let me know.

As a treat for you all, I'm sending you a YouTube link to a part of a fundraiser my combo and I did for a dog park we hope to have in this community before long.  It was held on July 4th and features the Raggedy Cats, the group I'm in.

Click on
Watch "Raggedy Cats, Fredericksburg, Texas" on YouTube

and enjoy!

Thanks again, and please let's pray for each other.  God bless you as you gladly serve Him.

In His Joy,

Duncan Holmes